What Is Truth?

M. Leblanc

Trainer, martial artist (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), avid self-improver

The belief that mental skills cannot be taught


Mental skills are one of the most significant factors ensuring high performance and success for elite athletes. One of the biggest myths in sports is that mental skills are born with and cannot be taught. However, overwhelming empirical evidence reports that mental skills can be learned and improved through practice, just like physical skills can be honed through exercise. Although there are...

Women in certain sports are often seen as being non-feminine


There are various qualities associated with gender. These qualities are socially constructed and dependent on cultural standards, leading to gender-based stereotypes of what is masculine and feminine (Mennesson, 2000).  Some sports are seen as more masculine than others, for example, football (soccer), rugby, cricket, basketball and combative arts are all considered “masculine”...

Overweight thought to cannot win – The smothering weight-based stigma in sports


Even though engaging in sports considered to be the stepping stone for a better life, with excess weight on, the process is often blocked by the surrounding social climate. Based on their weight, the majority of overweight are regarded as un-athletic and hence excluded from sports in group situations and combative arts. Very commonly, the judgment goes beyond questioning their physical...

Why do people learn martial arts, what do they gain from it?


This is a very frequent question I get outside of the club. What do I gain from putting all that effort in, especially if I don’t plan to actually use the physical skills I gain? Which is true, I don’t plan to fight anyone outside the dojo, and if I’m in a situation that requires my fighting skills, I will always run first, if possible. This also makes people wonder why I bother to...

What Is Truth?