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What Is Truth (WIT) Publishes Theoretical Model for Mental Training: Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts


What Is Truth (WIT) is proud to announce the publication of their theoretical model for mental training, the Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® (Ydus, 2022). This groundbreaking model, developed by author counsellor Ydus (MSc), provides combat athletes with an advanced tool to upgrade their competition preparation routine, focusing on mental strength and efficiency. Dale Campbell...

From the founder’s point of view


Achieving competition goals is commonly hindered by stereotypes and poor support. The media provides a standard view of the ‘proper’ athlete and promotes a very specific build and personality type. Anyone who diverges even the slightest from that image—slightly shorter, slightly slimmer, slightly less extroverted, etc.—is left without adequate support in their athletic endeavour. Even...

What Is Truth?