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A collection of summative articles offering an easily readable evaluation of the available literature in subjects related to mental development, self-improvement, mental performance and mental health maintenance.


What drives overtraining? Being pushed to the physical limits of exercise – Literature review


Introduction Regular moderate-intensity exercise has been extensively promoted by health and lifestyle professionals for years, and widely used in prevention strategies to keep physical diseases and mental distress away (Gleeson et al., 2011). Most people who regularly exercise have a more positive body image and a better general life satisfaction than non-exercisers (Hausenblas & Fallon...

Does personality change, and can we shift it consciously in a desired direction?- Literature review


Can personality change? The understanding of personality has evolved much over time, and the factors involved are typically studied within the context of personality tests. The popularity of there tests has increased in recent decades, becoming an integral part of countless self-development programs across industries. People are so fascinated by personality tests because they make the abstract...

The science of belief: Why we believe what we believe? – Literature review


“The confidence we have in our beliefs is preposterous, and it is also essential”. Daniel Kahneman This quote by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman offers a great dichotomy of the phenomenon we refer to as believing. We are driven by the multitude of beliefs that influence our everyday thoughts and behaviours. This is apparent within all the domains of human life that are significantly influenced...

Stress management: components and methods – Literature review


the need of Stress Management The ability to manage incoming stress has always been a central element of growth and success. As seen in society, the most effective and fast-moving individuals all share the unique ability to handle acute stress levels without it influencing their normal functioning. Conversely, there are many who find themselves at the whims of stress and become engulfed in the...

What is emotional resilience (known as emotional control) and the methods to consolidate it? – Literature review


Emotions – What Are they and How Can We Control Them? On the surface, emotions are a form of reaction all humans display in response to various experiences. They are officially defined as a psychological state involving three distinct components of a subjective experience, a physiological reaction to the experience and a subsequent behavioural or expressive response (Hockenbury & Hockenbury...

Understanding mental toughness as a means of resilience and the ways to cultivate it – Literature Review


What is mental toughness? Mental toughness, or resilience, can be understood as responding to aversive stimuli in a constructive and positive way where an individual can retain their psychological integrity despite any apparent hardship or challenge. According to the American Psychological Association, it is defined as the process by which an individual can adapt to difficult life experiences...

What Is Truth?