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Long sleeve rashguard for training no-gi BJJ/MMA


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Compression fit long sleeve rash guard for training no-gi BJJ/MMA.

The graphic is inspired by the symbol of the Ouroboros Dragon, representing the cyclic renewal of the self. As a part of the Growth collection, it that has been carefully designed and sourced to reflect WIT’s philosophy of continuous growth and improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

Limited stock (for availability and custom sizes ask julian@whatistruth.life).

Technical Details

– Supersoft feel
– Silk Lycra (Spandex-Poliester) thermoperformance material
– Spiders’ steel reinforced seam
– 0% fading sublimation print
– Quick dry
– Durable
– Anti-slip tape at the bottom

(Items may slightly vary due to pigment or fabric variations)

Artwork Philosophy

The ouroboros dragon (symbol of the cyclic refinement of the self) refers to the internal work of taming our ‘dragon’ in order to access its power. The power that is locked away from us is hidden in the shadow by anxiety, fear, guilt, shame etc. We don’t know the extent of this hidden power until it is forced out of us. Martial art training constantly stretches our physical limits and exposes us to regular conflict with others’ principles, shedding light of the unworked, unintegrated part of the self: our dragon.

With regular training, just like an alchemist, we forge something of a higher value from raw materials, referred to as our magnum opus. The magnum opus model is often used to describe the individuation process. We’re working towards a balanced Self that has access to all our hidden potential and is able to manifest all of this mental and physical power.

The colour green represents the immaturity of the raw material we start our self-improvement work with. The accompanying quote from C. G. Jung acts as a reminder to always follow the emotional charge when looking for areas to improve yourself. There is wisdom in resistance: ‘Where your fear is, there your task is’.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

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What Is Truth?