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What Is Truth (WIT) is an innovative platform providing progressive support for adults dealing with a higher-than-average level of exposure to adversities. With particular consideration for people in competitive or high-stress fields, such as combat athletes, entrepreneurs, first responders, mediators, etc.


7-week online course designed to help navigate society.

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Visually immersive online course designed to help manage relationships.

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IN FOCUS: Combative arts

Explore the hub WIT offers for progressive discussions on individual mental design, lifelong learning, and safe training, representing an in-depth approach to athletic and personal growth.

Champions’ journey (soon)

The Comp prep guide

Competition success is central to our work. The Brain and Combat: Brain Science in Grappling Competition is a 7-chapter comp prep guide designed of understand and navigate the mental and physiological processes that drive competition outcomes. Tailored to grapplers and athletes who engage in close-combat martial arts.