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What Is Truth


Every step of the way.

What Is Truth Growth Hub was founded to bridge the gap between scholarly knowledge and real-life needs for progression.

What is truth?

Made with thoughts

State of the art approach to offer impactful support for personal growth,

What we can offer.


The curated journal and digital courses provide in-depth insights into the contemporary view of human capabilities, and are structured to facilitate a gradual progression towards self-governance and life quality upgrade.


We can guide club owners on how to foster engagement, create an efficient curriculum, and improve their club's performance in competitions.


We can assist competitive combat athletes in creating a prep strategy based on professional history analysis, tailoring the plan to their individual competition goals. (Expert availability is limited.)


Ideas or projects related to our research field (high performing personality composition and support channels) are warmly welcomed. Kindly provide a few specifics via our contact page and we will respond as soon as we can.

Making peer support a real support.

Clubs, as physical hubs, also have a great potential to replace systematised support, like public health care, when run well. The skills and knowledge it requires may not be immediately apparent, but can be acquired.

Cultural sensitivity

Understanding that all humans are part of numerous social classes, whether it be ethnic, socioeconomic, or gender is key to managing diverse classes.

Interpersonal dynamics

To help members through conflicts, it is necessary to distinguish between emotional processes, biases, and different power dynamics.

Individual differences

Acknowledging the differences in personality, body condition, and personal history is necessary to recognize what is helpful for one person and harmful for another.


The ethics.

We adhere to the ethical guidelines set by research authorities and curate content from peer-reviewed journals that are in line with human-centred psychological principles. Making sure that our materials are at the forefront of personal development strategies.

In the making

Courses for
life progression.

Competition Preparation Guide

Competition specifics in close combat martial arts (grappling – BJJ in focus, and mixed martial arts)


  1. Strategy and skills
  2. Confidence myth
  3. Decoding competition
  4. Long term prep methods
  5. Short term prep methods
  6. The silver plateau
  7. Recovery from loosing

Social & Personal Functioning Courses

Navigating power dynamics to progress in life, and building and dissolving relationships to raise life quality.


  1. Underlying dynamics
  2. The components
  3. The interactions
  4. Response types
  5. Situational practices
  6. Complex practices
  7. Interactive game

Specialised Competition Coach Program

Advanced program for trainers on the psychology of competition and the specifics of preparation.


  1. Competition specifics
  2. Procedural learning
  3. Multi-gender classes
  4. Feedback strategies
  5. Need diversity
  6. Stress types
  7. Age specifics

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