Going from training to Combat-wise

Knowledge hub for a grappler with ambitions


What Is Truth (WIT) is an innovative collective platform of writers, martial artists, and mentors with a progressive view on combative arts and personal growth. WIT was created to address the gap in mental preparation for combat sports by bridging the divide between academic research and the practical requirements of fighters. With a focus on personalised mental practices, it strives to offer modern tools that move away from the mainstream one-size-fits-all approaches. The materials provided integrate knowledge from neuropsychology, sports, and cognitive sciences, to help to become combat-wise.


The competition preparation materials encompass the concepts of brain science in grappling arts, along with the principles of safe training. In addition, they clarify terms that are often misunderstood, such as confidence, stress management, mental strength. Our aim is to provide a thoughtful and emphatic approach to athletic growth, challenging the “push it harder” culture, and advocating for combative arts as a means of self-improvement. We’ve collected what a fighter needs to know about preparing mentally for competitions in order to achieve steady success.


Where your fear is,
there your task is.

C. G. Jung