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What Is Truth (WIT) Publishes Theoretical Model for Mental Training: Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts

What Is Truth (WIT) is proud to announce the publication of their theoretical model for mental training, the Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® (Ydus, 2022). This groundbreaking model, developed by author counsellor Ydus (MSc), provides combat athletes with an advanced tool to upgrade their competition preparation routine, focusing on mental strength and efficiency.

Dale Campbell, Partner Care at WIT, expressed his excitement, stating, “We’re very happy that we can share the research results with our audience to help them make their competition preparation personalised and efficient.”

The Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® is the backbone of the online course offered by WIT for mental preparation providing combat athletes, whether hobbyists, semi-professionals or professionals, with contemporary resources. This publication marks the first time that the research results are being made publicly available, allowing the audience to gain insight into this innovative approach to mental training.

Developed based on naturalistic observational studies of competition performance in grappling tournaments, the model consists of four quadrants that describe the main components of tournament preparation. It emphasizes the psychological factors that differentiate competition preparation from general performance training. The three mental quadrants delve into neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and physiology, presenting a comprehensive system to understand the impact of the brain’s condition on tournament performance. The fourth quadrant addresses the physical realm.

The model was first published in 2022 on the platform, which serves as a core resource for combat athletes seeking contemporary mental training tools to achieve their competition goals. The current version is a distilled representation of the complete study, which is undergoing review and is expected to be released early next year.

The WIT Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® serves as the foundation for the author’s upcoming 7-chapter series, expanding on managing strategies for each mental component introduced by the model.

For more information about the Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® and its applicability to combat sports, visit

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