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What Is Truth (WIT) reflects on their first year and looks ahead to the Year of the Dragon

What Is Truth (WIT), the progressive and inspirational combat sports platform, aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and the practical needs of fighters, looks back on the challenges of its first year and shares its aspirations for the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

In 2023, recognising the critical importance of mental resilience in combat sports, WIT set out to fill the void with one-of-a-kind mental training materials. Starting out with limited resources and a handful of assets, the founders first presented the tournament preparation series, “The Brain and Combat” to the community, later followed by public resources such as the Better training series and the Glossary.

From these early editions, WIT grew into a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring dozens of expertly crafted articles that share empirical knowledge and guidance with combat athletes seeking higher win rate, safe training or body-mind synchronisation. The platform has welcomed new authors, diversifying the range of expertise available to readers, and showcasing the possibilities of a conscious growth journey.

In the second half of 2023, WIT introduced its premium gear series, the Ouroboros themed ‘Growth Series’, revolving around the tireless pursuit of excellence in self-development. Selling-out the first batch within a few months, the support received fuelled the team to keep working towards launching the ‘Competition Series’ to complete the planned collection. Following the symbolism of the dragon, this Competition Gear series embodies the qualities every fighter works towards – integrity, clarity, and strength.

Overcoming the founders’ introverted nature, WIT managed to extend its communication channels to social media by the end of the year to connect with fighters and martial artists on platforms such as Instagram. Through these interactions, WIT has found powerful connections, new collaborators and was able to provide direct support to combat athletes on their paths to success. WIT now looks ahead to the Year of the Dragon, planning to make it their greatest year yet. The Year of the Dragon perfectly aligns with their goals to support combat athletes on a global scale.

Dale Campbell, Head of Partner Care at WIT, reflects on their extraordinary journey saying, “It has been an incredible year for us. We have overcome a lot of challenges brought on by the launch and have come farther than we ever hoped for. The community’s support has cemented our mission, and we’re entering the new year, the Year of the Dragon, with greater passion than ever.”

In the spirit of gratitude and care, WIT is offering selected ‘rashguards’ (athletic shirts made of spandex and nylon) and ‘gis’ (training uniform) in various sizes, available as donations to those in need. These items, which didn’t pass the quality check during the end-of-year clearing, will be sent out to individuals who can truly benefit from them. For further information and inquiries, please reach out to Dale Campbell, Partner Care, at

For more information about What Is Truth (WIT), please visit the website at

About What Is Truth (WIT)
What Is Truth (WIT) stands as the forefront in tournament mental preparation for combat athletes, driven by a passion to address the gap in mental training. With a firm focus on personalised mental practices, WIT revolutionises the industry by delivering modern tools that move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and equip combat athletes with personal coping strategies.

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