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MSc (Hons) Life sciences, PC Cognitive psychology, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What drives overtraining? Being pushed to the physical limits of exercise – Literature review


Introduction Regular moderate-intensity exercise has been extensively promoted by health and lifestyle professionals for years, and widely used in prevention strategies to keep physical diseases and mental distress away (Gleeson et al., 2011). Most people who regularly exercise have a more positive body image and a better general life satisfaction than non-exercisers (Hausenblas & Fallon...

What Is Truth (WIT) Publishes Theoretical Model for Mental Training: Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts


What Is Truth (WIT) is proud to announce the publication of their theoretical model for mental training, the Tournament Preparation Model for Grappling Arts® (Ydus, 2022). This groundbreaking model, developed by author counsellor Ydus (MSc), provides combat athletes with an advanced tool to upgrade their competition preparation routine, focusing on mental strength and efficiency. Dale Campbell...

Does personality change, and can we shift it consciously in a desired direction?- Literature review


Can personality change? The understanding of personality has evolved much over time, and the factors involved are typically studied within the context of personality tests. The popularity of there tests has increased in recent decades, becoming an integral part of countless self-development programs across industries. People are so fascinated by personality tests because they make the abstract...

From the founder’s point of view


Achieving competition goals is commonly hindered by stereotypes and poor support. The media provides a standard view of the ‘proper’ athlete and promotes a very specific build and personality type. Anyone who diverges even the slightest from that image—slightly shorter, slightly slimmer, slightly less extroverted, etc.—is left without adequate support in their athletic endeavour. Even...

The practicalities of developing mental resilience / toughness


Due to its common association with the military forces, we need to clarify that mental toughness has different reference in civilian life than it has in a military context. As in military context, it means withstanding the physical and mental hardship that arises from a situation. In civilian life, however, that approach cannot possibly bring success, since the goal is a high quality life which...

Staying sane – how to stay mentally healthy in the urban jungle


The price of abundance Society is a very noisy place. The nickname ‘urban jungle’ is not accidental; cities are as loud and crowed as the wild. There is no difference in how challenging it is to survive either. The battle has simply moved from the physical realm to the mental one. As while in the wild, one battles with the elements of nature and the scarcity of food and goods, in urban settings...

Building success – conditioning yourself to win


The meaning of success, in a broader sense, is the raised quality of one’s life, which in itself symbolises growth and contentedness. The success of one-time events, like winning a championship are part of this journey as they continue on into one’s daily life: they bring respect, admiration, and a better social position that increases the quality of life. The winning of a championship in...

When steady competition success doesn’t come – how deep does the issue run?


Very often, it’s only when tournament results repeatedly bring disappointment in spite of rigorous training, that mental blocks start to reveal themselves. At this stage, it’s not necessarily clear what the nature of the block is. The only thing that is certain is that it’s not related to the fighter’s technical knowledge or physical condition, nor their dedication to the sport. This is all...

Strength; it’s not what you think it is – the role of mental and physical strength


The mat is a very specific realm where strength seems to be an obvious quality. Strength is visible, it’s advantageous, and it helps you to win. Overall, it’s, indeed, what we expect it to be: synonymous with physical strength. It can be an eye-opening experience, however, to see champions struggle to deal with everyday life where physical strength has less use. Witnessing how they get...

Toxic support – Coaching patterns that do more harm than help


Good intention alone is rarely enough to guide students through the crowd to reach the championship. Differences between body types as well as personality types require expert knowledge on how to tailor support and class structure to help trainees get the most out of instruction. Not all clubs, however, have a firm grasp on what constitutes suitable support. In many cases, any study on coaching...

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