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Personal functioning


Introduction to personal functioning

The course is designed to provide adults with the ability to build and dissolve relationships, as well as managing moral conflicts, emotions, and distress. Through visually immersive lessons and situational practices, learners acquire the necessary skills to customise their network and enhance their level of comfort in life.

By understanding the rules of approaching others, recognising the underlying emotional dynamics, and developing new habits, course graduates leave with an immediate impact on their private and professional lives. Throughout the modules, the processes of building professional, private, and intimate relationships are explained to provide a comprehensive view on how humans interact with each other and how to shape one’s network to provide the desired comfort.

Content type: Interactive graphic novel, infographics, text, video.

Modules: 2 taught modules, 4 practice modules, 1 play-based module.

Length: 7 weeks, self-paced.

Course outcome: Above average interpersonal skills.

“I cannot express how grateful I am for the life skills I’ve gained during the course. The material was engaging, and the interactive way made learning enjoyable. But most of all, I have found a new sense of fulfilment in my personal and professional life.”

— Liza Jones, pilot study participant

The visually-enriched learning environment of the course is designed to offer natural, interaction-based learning to dissect the complexity of building emotional literacy. The course offers a combination of educational materials (illustrations and text), and scenario-based practices (graphical social interaction-decoding drills).

Read the author’s comment on the theoretical pillars of the course.

Self paced independent learning allowing for reflection and experimentation.

Optimised for desktop, laptop and tablet devices (accessible from mobile devices).

Course Lessons

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Content preview

The thought material: The fundamentals of relationship building, conflict resolution and human interactions are explained with the help of illustration and text.

The practice modules: The emotional exchange and unwritten rules of everyday interactions are decoded through contextual graphic novels (serious comics).

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