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What Is Truth (WIT) Launches Innovative Growth Hub to Equip Adults with Resilience and Life Skills

What Is Truth (WIT) is excited to announce the expansion of its platform into a comprehensive Growth Hub designed to empower individuals with resilience, life skills, and a clear path to personal growth. Created especially for those in competitive and high-stress fields such as combat athletes, entrepreneurs, first responders and mediators, the WIT Growth Hub provides the resources, support and the resilience strategies needed to overcome challenges through an immersive and innovative digital learning experience.

Transitioning from a curated journal into a skill-development powerhouse, the WIT platform addresses the acute need for self-governance and quality of life improvement, providing learners with the tools they need to thrive in adversity.

“Our platform’s evolution into the What Is Truth Growth Hub marks a significant leap forward in our mission to support lifelong learners in their journey towards personal and professional growth,” said Dale Campbell, Partner Care at WIT.

An Innovative progressive learning platform, the WIT Growth Hub is deeply rooted in contemporary human capability studies. Featuring a rich curriculum that emphasises resilience, mental flexibility, and coping strategies, the courses are designed to be highly engaging, employing visual narratives to maximise learning. This approach not only makes learning more accessible but also ensures that the knowledge gained is practical and readily applicable in real-world scenarios.

Among the courses developed, learners will find modules focused on social and personal resilience, aiming to enhance their ability to navigate complex interpersonal and power dynamics effectively. The program structure is inspired by influential theoretical frameworks, including the works of William James on self-governance and ethics, and the Power Threat Meaning Framework by BPS (British Psychological Society), emphasising the importance of understanding power dynamics and social exchange theory in personal development.

For more information, please visit available courses or read the introduction to the courses in development.

About What Is Truth (WIT)
What Is Truth is a platform dedicated to expanding human potential through targeted, innovative learning experiences. With a focus on resilience, mental flexibility, and life skills, WIT supports combat athletes and individuals in high-stress fields to navigate life’s complexities with confidence.

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