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What Is Truth Celebrates the Release of Their Growth-themed Training Gear

What Is Truth (WIT), the innovative mental preparation platform dedicated to martial arts has launched a new training gear collection. Combining artwork philosophy, expertise input and high-quality craftsmanship the new gear design is set to transform martial arts preparation whilst keeping its heritage alive.

Inspired by the symbol of the Ouroboros Dragon, representing the cyclic renewal of the self, the collection has been carefully designed and sourced to reflect WIT’s philosophy of continuous growth and improvement in the pursuit of excellence. Drawing insight from the continuous search for truth, each product infuses a sense of confidence with the functionality and comfort needed to enhance the athlete’s experience.

Dale Campbell, Partner Care at WIT says “We are very excited about the new collection being released. Finding the right manufacturer to realise our vision and help us deliver the quality we’re committed to, took some time for us. Seeing people wearing the final pieces with pride is truly amazing.”

The highlight of the training collection is the long sleeve rash guard for BJJ and MMA. It was meticulously handmade for BJJ training gi, ensuring durability and flexibility during intense training sessions. The quality aligned with the inspiring artwork philosophy transmit confidence and empower athletes to access their hidden potential to manifest both mental and physical strength.

Dale Campbell, Partner Care at WIT explains “Through martial arts training, we constantly push our physical limits and engage in conflicts that reveal the unexplored aspects of ourselves – our dragon. Our new collection carries this indomitable spirit of martial arts in its design. Our long sleeve rash guard is meticulously designed for martial artists who demand nothing but the best.”

For more information about the long sleeve rash guard, along with the other products in the training gear series, please visit the product page.

About What Is Truth

What Is Truth (WIT) is an innovative collective platform of writers, martial artists, and mentors with a progressive view on combative arts and personal growth. WIT was created to address the gap in mental preparation for combat sports by bridging the divide between academic research and the practical requirements of fighters. With a focus on personalised mental practices, it strives to offer modern tools to fighters, moving away from the mainstream one-size-fits-all approach. The materials provided integrate knowledge from neuropsychology, sports, and cognitive sciences, following a multidisciplinary approach.

About the Philosophy

There are two dimensions we simultaneously cover when training. The internal work involves understanding our mental and physical design, as well as maximising their potential. On the other hand, the external work focuses on building boundaries and defending our mental and physical territory against outside pressure.

In our regular training sessions, we primarily focus on the internal work, looking inward to improve ourselves. However, when we compete, we shift our focus to the external work, testing and measuring our boundaries against opponents. To support these different aspects of our training, we offer two sets of gear. The Growth series is designed for the internal work and training sessions, while the Comp series is tailored for the external work and tournaments.

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